DIRECTREES® is a web based coding help application, providing all individuals in the organization immediate access to coding/documentation instructions, procedure coding and reimbursement summaries plus much more. Additional content is added to the program based on client input, feedback and needs. We are the ONLY company who offers an electronic coding application. Our DIRECTREES® coding help application includes Newsletters, near real time updates, personal client coding support via a coding question account/portal that is provided via a secure web based client account. This application ensures that your entire staff has access to the most current coding and documentation information at their fingertips.


DIRECTREES® offers in-depth information on the following topics:



  • Codes definitions and utilization
  • Proper Level of Supervision
  • Technical and professional coding components
  • Authoritative history and sources
  • MUEs
  • CCI edits
  • Documentation requirements
  • Rates and RVUs for all radiation oncology codes
  • The trees section, designed by radiation oncologists, gives the most common treatment protocols by anatomical site and then gives you the codes and quantities you would expect to see if you are hospital, freestanding, or split technical and professional
  • Procedure rates down to 80% Medicare rates
  • The Rules of thumb supplies pertinent information including:
    • Supervision
    • Modifiers
    • Incident to
    • Mid-levels
    • LCDs
    • HIPAA
    • Orders
    • How Medicare policy is established
    • Timeout policies
    • Appeals process
    • File retention
    • MACRA, MIPS and APM's
    • Productivity
    • Survivorship
    • ICD-10
  • Coding and reimbursement summaries for all anatomical sites
  • IMRT Pre-Auth Forms

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