Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms offer providers with the perfect tool for EMR documentation. The Churchill 'forms package' is comprised of clinically appropriate forms with auto fill functions. Demographics, patient information, date of service (or other fields you select) will auto-populate when the form is appended to a patient's chart. Documentation is easy with dynamic dropdown selections and text fields, which allow you to type, dictate or use voice recognition software. Finish your procedures notes before the patient leaves the department!


Documentation is a mandatory part of coding. Churchill Consulting is a leader in the industry offering a unique comprehensive DYNAMIC forms package to assist organizations in documenting fully. Let Churchill provide you with a proven methodology for documentation that has successfully supported audits.


The Churchill dynamic forms integrate documentation requirements for carriers, such as Medicare, with clinical documentation required for accreditation. Combine that with Meaningful Use requirements for electronic medical records (EMR), and we offer you Our dynamic forms will assist you in ensuring that the patient’s medical record can support the services provided with real-time documentation.


Dynamic Forms include auto-fill tags that will automatically enter data, such as patient name, demographics, diagnosis information, referring physician, etc., when appended to patient charts. Separate packages are available for ARIA® and MOSAIQ® platforms.