IntelliCense™ - Revolutionizing the Oncology Billing Review Process


Through a detailed analysis of 100% of your billing data, with logic based on payer guidelines, and issues squarely in the cross hairs of RAC, CERT, ZPIC auditors and more, Intellicense™ will quickly provide critical information regarding billing errors at the patient account level, potential risk and educational needs.



lntelliCense™ is a service designed to "diagnose" the accuracy of your billing data to identify missed revenue, billing errors and potential compliance risks without the monumental cost and time requi­red for a traditional chart audit. 
The lntelliCense™ team along with its proprietary software system reviews 100% of your billed data over any timespan you choose. 
The results provide radiation oncology centers with critical information regarding opportunities and billing errors at the patient account level.


YOU provide the billing data directly from your AR, and WE provide the results. It's that easy. 
Once your billing data is received, it will be cross-referenced against the most up-to-date oncology rules, regulations and guidelines. 
A detailed informative report and web-meeting review with you and your staff ensures that all results are clearly communicated. 
The process will be completed in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional chart audit. 

It's Simple, Fast and Accurate - lntelliCense™ Makes Sense
•    lntelliCense™ looks at ALL of your billing data, while typical chart audits only look at 2%.
•    lntelliCense™ cost is a small percentage of the cost of a typical chart audit.
•    lntelliCense™ allows you to proactively data mine to accurately pinpoint education & charge correction needs.


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