Churchill Consulting offers in-depth comprehensive audits performed in exacting detail. Coding summaries are entered into a dedicated program by the staff. Team members audit each charge from a clinical perspective, listing the charges that would result based on the documentation available in the patient’s medical record. This is done without reference to the actual coding. The Team’s findings are then entered into a dedicated program  comparing actual billing to the expected billing. Subjective summaries are entered for each code based on the data and documentation submitted. Findings are based on authoritative recommendations, rules, and information. Solutions to problems and discrepancies identified are communicated to the client. All audits require the coding summaries be sent to Churchill Consulting. They also require that defined portions of the patient’s medical record be copied and sent. The client may also choose to provide us with remote access to the department EMR.

  • Documentation
  • DOS
  • ICD 10 Coding
  • Medical Necessity
  • Date of Service
  • Quantities
  • IGRT Review
  • OTV Review
  • CPT code level
  • E&M review
  • Modifiers
  • CCI Edit restrictions
  • LCD Guidance