Churchill Consulting provides consulting services and integrated system solutions to radiation therapy departments, freestanding facilities and professional practices. Since its founding, the company has provided consulting services for hundreds of clients in the field of radiation oncology. With over thirty-five years of clinical, vendor, compliance and administrative experience in the field of radiation oncology, the Churchill Consulting team has developed an array of products and services that reflect this expertise.


Churchill Consulting is unique from other consulting companies as all products and services offered  are clinically orientated, providing current information that is pertinent to the medical professionals within the organization. All products and services are designed from a clinical perspective rather than a billing company perspective. Our clinical team includes: therapists, physicists, dosimetrists radiation oncologists, nurses, administrators, mid-levels plus others. This ensures that our training, products, and services are relevant and current to patient care while providing appropriate documentation as required by the carrier(s) and other authoritative guidance. Our competitors offer pieces of the solutions often with clinical application or interpretation, which means the client must still get pertinent information from other resources or vendors. Our solutions are the only ones that cover ALL aspects of the rules, guidelines, processes and information that is needed.


Churchill Consulting was acquired in 2015 by Crux Quality Solutions LLC, and continues to offer services of the former company. The experienced diversity of the new team allows Churchill Consulting to offer expanded services and solutions and provide more expert “feet on the ground” for their clients.




The Southern Association of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology (SATRO), The New England Society for Radiation Oncology (NESRO), American Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD), American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators (SROA) and Oregon Radiation Oncology Socieity (OROS).